Why your veterinary hospital's landscaping matters

Why your veterinary hospital's landscaping matters

Signage and porches help with curb appeal for your practice. And don't neglect Mother Nature's contribution in grass, flowers and other greenery.

Pause on your way into your hospital and look around. Do you like what you see? Are the bushes by the door thriving, or are they starting to look like a Charlie Brown christmas tree because they've been peed on so often?


Veterinary architect and HospitalDesign360 conference speaker Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB, of Animal Arts in Boulder, Colorado, explains why your landscaping and initial impression are so important: "Free-standing hospitals need some sort of curb appeal—landscaping or a porch or a welcoming element. We don’t plan out hospitals in parking lots anymore. It’s about client experience and they have lots of choices. Always keep curb appeal in mind. You always want to give a good first impression."


Check out these photos for exterior inspiration.


McGregor Boulevard Veterinary Clinic in Fort Myers, Florida, drew from local foliage for their landscaping, including royal palm trees and other native plants. | Architect: Matthew D. Horton, EnSite | Photo courtesy of Stuart Gobey, Island Studio Photography


Eden Veterinary Clinic in Eden, New York, is in a residential area, and the practice owner's home is on the same property—so home-like architecture is a winner. This includes a cozy front porch clients can relax on. | Architect: Jeremy Rumph, TerWisscha Construction | Photo courtesy of Abby Blaskovich, TerWisscha Construction


The exterior of Door County Veterinary Clinic in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, features an exercise path. “It gives clients a place to walk pets to relieve anxiety if they have to wait, and staff can walk on breaks too,” practice owner Jordan Kobilca, DVM, says. | Jeremy Lueck, DeLeers Construction | Photo courtesy of Cathy Carter, Fotosold

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