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Gary I. Glassman, CPA

Gary I. Glassman, CPA, is a member of the Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board who has worked exclusively with veterinarians for more than 20 years. He specializes in accounting, tax planning, and practice transitions and is a partner with Burzenski and Co. P.C.

Do I need a veterinary architect?
March 1, 2013

Is the hospital design phase a time to wing it?

Checklist to evaluate lease terms
June 9, 2008

Before you rent a leasehold, make sure you're satisfied with answers to these questions. Also available as PDF.

Getting a loan in today's market
June 1, 2008

With the current economy, getting a loan is tougher than it was a few years ago. But good businesses are still bankable.

Do you, doctor, lease ... or build?
June 1, 2008

It's the question that every new generation of veterinarians faces.

PDF of checklist to evaluate land lease terms
May 30, 2008

Before you rent a leasehold, make sure you're satisfied with the answers to these questions.

Don't get lost in increased costs
June 1, 2006

A new facility brings more space and capacity—and higher costs. Think about how you'll adjust now, so you spend more time enjoying your facility and less time worrying about paying for it.

Choosing a lender and negotiating a deal
June 5, 2005

Low costs aren't the only reason to choose a lender. Also consider these important details before saying yes.

Figuring out the financing
June 1, 2005

Your banker wants to know whether you're a good risk—and you want to know you're getting a reasonable deal. Use these tips to balance the equation.

Craving a new gadget?
March 1, 2000

You know the benefits of offering a complete in-house lab. You--and anxious pet owners--can get quick answers on complex cases, and you can begin treatment immediately rather than hospitalizing the patient until you receive test results the next morning. In addition, owning high-tech gadgets lets you practice high-quality medicine.





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