Top 10 Veterinary Hospital Design galleries of 2014

Top 10 Veterinary Hospital Design galleries of 2014

The most visited photo galleries include a restaurant converted into a veterinary practice and a comeback from a destructive fire.
Dec 31, 2014
By staff

1. 2014 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design People's Choice Award winner: Appanasha Pet Clinic
The 12,181-square-foot companion animal clinic's features include low-slip flooring, noise control, separate dog and cat wards and outdoor covered runs.



2. 2014 Veterinary Hospital of the Year: Fostering a family feel

Colorful photos, a lobby with a living room atmosphere and different-size furniture suited for many visitors are aspects of the design aimed at making the experience more personal for clients. 



3. Veterinary exam room evolution

The heart of every veterinary practice has transformed as client expectations and medicine have changed. Rooms now encourage conversations with clients, the two door system is often replaced with one to improve relationships and offering separate rooms for cats to reduce fear are among the changes. 


4. Great veterinary design without the dread

Savvy practice designs can discourage the fear associated with visits to the veterinarian. With options such as a fireplace separating dog and cat waiting areas, soothing lighting and feline exercise rooms, any practice can incorporate features to comfort clients and patients. 


5. Building your veterinary practice color palette

Where does a practice start with determining its color scheme? Here are painting tips and a color guide for floors and walls.



6. Making it big in the Midwest

The 13,300-square-foot facility maintains its modest Midwestern charm while adopting a new look. Its new luxury boarding suites appeal to clients. 




7. Bringing back family medicine

The 2,289-square-foot single doctor practice fosters an intimate environment to encourage long-term relationships with clients. The efficient floor plan, warm color scheme and paperless system are in this hospital's dynamic design. 



8. Building a transparent veterinary practice—with glass, open spaces and values

Building open lobbies, inviting clients to participate during treatment, offering recovery rooms and being visible to clients are qualities of a practice committed to openness with clients. 



9. "We rebuilt!"

A devastating fire gives a mixed-animal hospital an opportunity to reinvent its rural image. Exposed ceilings and corrugated metal contribute to the facility's aesthetic, and grieving clients are accommodated. 



10. Nibbles and bites: From restaurant to veterinary hospital

A former U.S. senator turns a former restaurant into a veterinary practice. It demonstrates conversions can provide a fresh and stylish alternative to building a hospital.