Polished concrete in the veterinary clinic—yes or no?

Polished concrete in the veterinary clinic—yes or no?

A shiny new insight (see what we did there?) on flooring from HospitalDesign360 conference speaker Dan Chapel.
Aug 19, 2018

Flooring is always a hot topic at HospitalDesign360, so it was no surprise that an attendee brought up the topic of polished concrete on our “burning questions” board (a whiteboard dedicated to anoymous inquiries which were passed on to the faculty). We ran the subject by speaker Dan Chapel, AIA, NCARB, who gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.

He says that either a new concrete slab or an existing slab can be treated to excellent results.

"They have a machine that polishes the upper surface of the concrete, revealing some of the gravel aggregate inside," he says.

Once the surface is sealed, Chapel notes, it is extremely durable and resembles terrazzo, a material known for its "bullet proof" sturdiness, as he describes it.

Watch the video for more.

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