Photo gallery: Luxury boarding at the 2013 Hospital of the Year

Photo gallery: Luxury boarding at the 2013 Hospital of the Year

Get a sneak peek into the themed suites at Allandale Veterinary Hospital.
Mar 01, 2013
By staff

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Long before Dr. Patricia Lechten opened her new facility, clients still sought her practice out for boarding services. This baffled Dr. Lechten, as her previous facility was nothing to look at. In fact, she says it was falling down around them.

“My clients said they stuck with us for boarding, though, because they knew we would take great care of their pets, no matter what our facility looked like,” she says. “They really trusted us.”

That faith in Dr. Lechten and her practice pushed her to give the new boarding suites the royal treatment at Allandale Veterinary Hospital in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

“When we asked clients what they wanted in a new facility, they commonly asked for a nice boarding area,” she says. “That led us to focus more on boarding than we had before.”

That increased push has resulted in a 30 percent growth in boarding business in the past year. Clients call months in advance to book their favorite luxury boarding suite.

“Our luxury suites are almost always full,” she says. “Clients get very attached to their favorite suite. If they find it’s already booked, they have been known to try bribing other clients to give up their spot!”

The six luxury boarding suites feature such themes as royalty (pictured above), sports, rock ‘n’ roll, and the Wild West. What’s more, all boarding suites—luxury and standard—feature glass run doors, an exterior window for natural light, wide hallways to let the dogs run, when possible, and constant care from a dedicated staff.

“Our clients love the area so much they joke that they wish they could stay here instead of their pets,” Dr. Lechten says. “The area is nearly always quiet, and even our few aggressive guests are happier when staying here.”

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1. The cozy cabin

Patients can rest easy in this vintage cabin suite.

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2. The royal treatment

Every patient is treated like royalty at Allandale Veterinary Hospital.

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3. Jazz it up a little

Clients will be singing a different tune after leaving their pets in the rock n' roll suite.

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4. Go for the win

The Allandale team scores major points with this sports-themed suite.

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Photos by Mike Guibault, MG Photography Studio
Murals by Corrado Mallia