Mark Hafen's Complete Guide to Building Your Veterinary Hospital

Mark Hafen's Complete Guide to Building Your Veterinary Hospital

Don't make another decision about your building project until you view this comprehensive video series. From the initial planning to the grand opening, veterinary architect Mark Hafen, AIA, has you covered.
Jun 14, 2011

You're about to build a veterinary hospital—congratulations! Now strap in for one of the most stressful, challenging, emotional, rewarding experiences you'll ever endure.

As any veterinary practice owner will tell you, building a facility is tough. You'll make countless decisions, write gigantic checks, and field phone call after phone call. At times, you might feel like giving up.

But don't despair—Mark Hafen is here to help. Hafen, a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member and principal at Animal Arts in Boulder, Colo., knows the ins and outs of constructing a veterinary practice, and he shares his expertise in The Complete Guide to Building Your Veterinary Hospital. Browse through the chapters below for a comprehensive look at the construction process. Then get building.

Chapter 1: Before you build
> The time frame
> Project costs
> Planning and zoning issues
> What planning boards worry about and how to respond
> Wetland and environmental issues

Chapter 2: Your building team
> How your team works together
> The dynamics between a veterinary practice owner and an architect
> Do you need an owner's representative or construction manager?
> Other players in the building process

Chapter 3: What to look for in a contractor
> How to choose a contractor
> Your choices in a contract
> Specifics of the contract
> Reviewing bids
> Two rules to live by
> What your architect can do for you

Chapter 4: Who's responsible for what?
> Ordering utilities
> Buying a survey
> Buying a soil report
> Confirming that you have planning and zoning
> Dealing with hazardous materials
> Dealing with mold
> Dealing with asbestos

Chapter 5: The design process
> What the buzzwords mean
> Submitting drawings to the building department

Chapter 6: Securing financing
> When the bank will commit
> What kind of loan to expect
> What the bank needs from you
> How much of a loan can you get?