Make time to meet during your construction project

Make time to meet during your construction project

Sure, your schedule is crazy. But carving out a couple of hours per week could be the key to keeping your project on schedule and on budget.
Jun 01, 2011
By staff

It’s hard enough to meet the daily demands of running your veterinary practice. You don’t need another commitment clogging up your schedule, right?

But if you’ve taken on a building project, it’s imperative that you make time to meet with your architectural team once a week, says Heather Lewis, AIA, principal at Animal Arts in Boulder, Colo. Block out two hours each week to go over the latest developments, ask questions, and discuss the plan for the future.

At the very least, Lewis says, it will help prevent those eight-hour marathon meetings when the problems begin to pile up. So take a little bit of time each week—and save yourself a lot of headaches later.

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