A look at team members' favorite veterinary equipment

A look at team members' favorite veterinary equipment

Jun 01, 2011
By dvm360.com staff

We asked veterinary team members to fill us in on the products and equipment they love to work with every day. Study this list to see if any of these products would be a good fit for your hospital.

Dr. Lisa Sell
Favorite equipment: FURminator
Why it’s great: “It offers unbelievable performance on any type of coat, from thick double-coated dogs to shorthaired dogs and cats. I’ve never demonstrated one for a client who didn’t buy one immediately.”

Mark Jones, RVT
All Creatures Veterinary Clinic; Newton, Kan.
Favorite equipment: Inovadent’s Pet Piezo electronic dental machine
Why it’s great: “It allows us to clean above and below the gumline, which significantly cuts down the time it takes to perform dentals.”

Randi Biederman
Practice manager
Biederman Equine Clinic; Pleasant Park, Ontario
Favorite equipment: Cuattro’s UnoEQ digital radiography machine
Why it’s great: “For an equine practice, it’s simply the best, easiest digital system available.”

Andreas Pahl, CVPM
Hospital administrator
Valley Cottage Animal Hospital; Valley College, N.Y.
Favorite equipment: ImproMed’s Infinity software lab integration feature
Why it’s great: “It saves time, improves accuracy, helps prevent lost charges, and works with both in-house and out-of-house labs.”

Kerry Crowningshield
Practice manager
Plattsburgh Animal Hospital; Plattsburgh, N.Y.
Favorite equipment: IDEXX’s digital radiography machine
Why it’s great: “It’s quick, easy, provides immediate results, and requires almost no maintenance.”

Amanda Curty
Practice manager
Animal Care Center Veterinary Clinic; Winchester, Tenn.
Favorite equipment: Digital radiography machine
Why it’s great: “It saves us loads of time and money and is easy to use.”

Dr. Kelly Thorsness
Lewis and Clark Animal Hospital; Bismarck, N.D.
Favorite equipment: ClearVet’s digital radiography system
Why it’s great: “It offers speed, detail, and uses no consumables. It’s plain awesome.”