Cost estimating will save headaches later on

Cost estimating will save headaches later on

Help your veterinary construction project stay on point and on budget with this critical assistant.
Aug 03, 2018

"The recession affected the construction market profoundly and it affected pricing," says veterinary architect and HospitalDesign360 conference speaker Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB. Now, years later, the fallout is still noticeable as shown by a shortage of contractors, which leads to higher costs, she says.

This is why Lewis recommends enlisting the services of a cost estimator from the beginning stages of your construction project—even before the first contractor bid. So, who fits the bill?

"This person is probably a contractor who's participating in the design process to help the veterinarian," she says. Someone with the proper skill set and a thorough knowledge of your project will help eliminate the need to cut elements from your project at the last minute, Lewis says.

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