5 components of a great veterinary reception area

5 components of a great veterinary reception area

Check out this interactive feature to see what elements make reception areas shine.
Nov 03, 2015
By dvm360.com staff

Click the points below for tips and tricks to take your reception area from good to great. 

"Pre-educate" your clients while they wait

One of the five components in the interactive feature was "personalize".
Instead of cluttering your reception area with stacks of brochures and magazines, consider adding a digital system that allows you to "pre-educate" your clients while they wait. Content should:

  • Be controllable by you - only items you endorse should be allowed.
  • Be productive - the education/messaging you put in front of clients should be explicitly designed save you time in the exam room and help your practice boost revenues without encumbering your staff
  • Change often (without adding extra workload to your staff) - content that stays the same gets ignored eventually. Content should be fresh and seasonally applicable.